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Here's a cool interview with the underrated and beautiful actress Barbara Magnolfi who memorably played Olga in Suspiria and always lights up the screen when she appears in a movie, wether it's in Sergio Martino's crime/giallo hybrid, "Suspected Death of a Minor" or Ruggero Deodato's "Cut and Run", Barbara is also the best thing about the sleazy giallo "The Sister of Ursula"...

Let's start with your first movie "Morte Sospetta di una Minorenne". How did you get into acting? Any memories from the film? How was Sergio Martino like to work with?

BM: Since I can remember I wanted to be an actress but got my consecration at 13 in Come Quando Perché my very first film , by Pietrangeli . After having experienced the thrill of the set and film making , I was hooked! Morte sospetta came few years later when I was already actively pursuing acting through my agent at the time . That marked my official debut , I loved every moment of it ! I remember being on cloud 9, shooting in Milano staying in a five star hotel and working with amazing people like Claudio Cassinelli, Mel Ferrer , and Sergio Martino was very gentle with me patient reassuring and inspiring. He is to me part of directors aristocracy .

Moving on to Suspiria... How did you get the role of Olga? Was Dario Argento easy to work with? What direction did he give you about your character?

BM: I was called to Dario's production office to meet him , he gave me the Suspiria script and ask me to read about the character "Olga" asked me how I would play that what did I think about her etc. then placed me standing in the the middle of the room and started observing me intensely as through a camera lens ..than he became very exited and I got the role! It is true to say I liked Dario from the first moment I met him , he was an odd guy but genius in his way . We quickly became friends and have remained so. Working with him was magic I would say .. I remember stepping on the set the first day and being introduced to Joan Bennet a Hollywood legend , Alida Valli and Jessica Harper , I was so exited to be part of that and strangely I felt right at home! Dario as a director is passionate and meticulous a perfectionist who wouldn't settle for nothing less than exactly what he had in mind no matter what it could take to set it ! He gave me quite some freedom in portraying Olga , though we discussed what had to come out of that character. I believe, and he said it too, that we did a great job!

Your fate is left a mystery in the film... Would you have liked a bloody demise? Or maybe be part of the conspiracy... Would you have agreed to be in any of the sequels?

BM: Well I am part of the conspiracy indeed Olga is a "witchette" as Dario called me ! There were supposed to be other scenes but later was decided not to shoot them. I left the public wanting more I guess..LOL

I think Difficile Morire is your favorite among your filmography. But it's a difficult movie to find. What can you say a few words about it and about Marc Porel?

BM: Difficile Morire was a film founded by cinecittá and shot there . Set in 1911 -1945 and an historical drama . Co starring several great actors Mario Adorf , Marc Porel Gerardo Amato ..I like the movie because I got a chance to do something different from a Giallo or an Horror film , I started as an actress not particularly an Horror actress. I Like to play drama comedy and interesting roles. I met Marc on that film as we were playing husband and wife , ironically we became that in reality later. Marc was and amazing talent who burned out too fast , his self destructive streak took over.That movie is were our love story was born .

I was just watching Milano... Difendersi o morire which was very entertaining! Any recollection of the actor Al Cliver who plays a gangster in this?

BM: I really like that movie , entertaining and easy to watch indeed , of course I remember Al we were friends , we laughed a lot we really had fun on that movie , though he had to through me on the floor in my towel I don't know how many times for a scene and bruised my " touche" I forgive him as he is such a great guy !


You also shot La Sorella di Ursula the same year. I'm not sure you're very happy about this movie? Still it was a main starring role for you... And giallo is my favorite genre so it's still interesting to me. Any thoughts about this movie?

BM: Yes it is a starring role for me and for that reason I am so not pleased about what happened . It was a great project originally a psychological thriller called" Eyes" and I liked the character Ursula , I prepared it meticulously an then they messed the whole thing up by adding sex everywhere to make more money and without me knowing . Ironically I believe the movie made less because of that. However I am still ok with my performance in the movie.

Marc Porel also played in a few of my favorite Lucio Fulci movies, Non si Sevizia Un Paperino and Sette Note in Nero... Did you ever meet this director or have any impressions of him?

BM: No I never got a chance to meet Fulci

How did you come to play in a Ruggero Deodato movie? Had you seen his movie Cannibal Holocaust before playing in Cut and Run? Marc also played in one of his movies, Live like a cop, die like a man which I really like!

BM: I never could see Cannibal Holocaust no way too much for me. I got to play in Deodato's Cut & Run because Ruggero was a good friend and he knew Marc had just passed and thought I could use some work and there was a role he wanted me to try for so I did . That was a great time shooting in Miami flying to USA for the first time and working with LIsa Blount and Michael Barryman was a whole new horizon for me I loved it so much I decided I would go back to the States and work there some day.

Any memories from Cut and Run's shoot? Was there more to your death scene than what was on screen? It's very much left to the imagination...

BM: I remember it was hot as hell and I had to stay pinned to the floor with knives in my knees for the whole day as the special effect make up couldn't be undone to allow me to move, till the end! There wasn't more to the scene , it is obvious I get raped and killed I think is better that way .

How do you look back on your early acting career? Any favorite time? Was there any roles you turned down you wish you didn't? Or a particular director you'd have liked to work with?

BM: My early acting carreer I recall it like a great exhilarating adventure , there were mistakes , but no regrets. The way I see it the future is there to work with the people I want to work with and to even more do what I love doing.

Do you have any current acting projects or otherwise?

BM: I have a film I did coming out on March 31 in USA it is called Disciples directed by Joe Hollow with Bill Moseley, Tony Todd, Linnea Quigley , Debra Lamb, Tom Lodewick Brinke Stevens to name a few . I am currently in Europe for two more projects a film called The Book an antology which will include several of the directors of the genre like Lamberto Bava, Sergio Martino, Ruggero Deodato , Luigi Cozzi, Aldo Lado ..and more

and another role in a project Sergio Stivaletti is doing both produced by Harbinger pictures

I am tempted to direct a short soon and would like to continue more behind the camera work as well like producing /directing and writing.

Would like to work more in europe too France , Italy and more.

What are your current movie and music playlists?

BM: Current movie : Dallas Buyer's club and rewatched Argo and Untouchables

Music Playlist : my R&B Hip Hop Mix (icludes Macy Gray , Akon , Wyclef Jean , Erikah Badu , Nicky Menaj Alicia Keys and more)

Ok, that's about everything... thank you so much for your time! Anything else you want to add?

BM: I would like to ask a question, in what role would the fans like to see me now?

GGE: I'd like to see you a new giallo! or a return of Olga as a villainess in a Suspiria sequel perhaps?!