Malabimba - The Malicious Whore

Young Malabimba wants sex and when her various stuffed animals fail to satisfy her she moves on to her father's paralyzed brother (who seems to have no problem getting a hard dick!) and then onto the nun in the house...It's always great when you can find sleaze, hardcore and good horror in a movie and this one has it! Sex, nudity, incest, profanity, a lot of demonic masturbation and a sex crazed evil spirit!



I thought I should include a women in prison entry so I chose Sadomania, one of the very few Franco films I like and one of the best WIP around, along with Bare Behind Bars, in my opinion. This is actually a really good sleaze flick with human hunting being the sport of choice and even a bestiality scene. In this prison only shorts are allowed but not required so you get the idea!

# 18

Woman’s Camp 119

Yet another nazisploitation and actually one of the better ones from Mattei featuring much of the same depravity as the other cheaply made entries but this goes a bit further with some crazy experimentation schemes like uterus transplants and "special cures" for homeosexuality. Like most from this genre it contains lots of nudity, sex and torture!


The Beast in Heat

Well here we have another nazisploitation but this one is on the way cheaper side when compared to Ilsa. However this is a really unique film that features all the goodies we look for when it comes to sleaze like sex, sex and nudity. And to keep it exciting they threw in some various tortures and violence and a very beastly man who likes to shake and fuck women’s brains out. Hey, he can't help it! That's what he was made for...


S.S. Experiment Love Camp

"How have you been doing with my balls?" Poor Helmut, I'd be pretty upset if I was a man and someone stole my balls too! Yep, testicle transplants, ovary transplants, torture, softcore sex and nudity. No nazisploitation is complete without these! But mostly testicle transplant...


Emanuelle in America

Ah, the sleazy, sleazy 70's. As much as they try, they just don't make them like this anymore. This one from Joe D'amato offers up lots of nudity, hardcore sex, snuff pornography scenes, violence and to top off the sleaziness a horse masturbation scene for quite possibly no reason! Bestiality again??? I am starting to see another pattern in this list...


Hanna D

Prostitution, pimps, sex, violence, drugs, needle sharing (probably real!) and one scene in particular of drugs being pulled out of a girls ass make this one stand out! Yep, all up close and stuff. This film is pretty tame compared to the others listed here where sex is concerned although, don't get me wrong, it is still there but the drug use, self-destructive attitude and prostitution keep it up there with all these other sleaze gems. It's just too damn bad this film had a happy ending.


Bloodsucking Freaks

Geez, what is it with midgets and sleazy movies? There isn't much in the vein of sex but this one is still for weirdos who can find entertainment in women being kidnapped and used as human dart boards, decapitated and amputated for a theatre act! Do men really have these thoughts in their heads? I don't want to know!


Caligula and Messalina

A Mattei Caligula film (surprised?) that includes many of the same ideas Brass' Caligula film has only on a tiny, tiny budget. But tiny budgets were no problem for Mattei since whenever he couldn't make a scene he stole one! Here he was sure to include the horse mating scene from La Bete! Not only did he steal the scene he also recreated his own version but used donkeys instead.....Em, what happened there Bruno? Anyway, not quite as graphic as the original but still full of badly shot fake sex, orgies, torture, violence, incest, a ménage à trois with a midget and one of those weird sex scenes with Salvatore Baccaro who supposedly has a huge member although we unfortunately never get to see it....Is that unfortunate???


Mondo Erotico

I don't see any harm in adding a wannabe mondo film here. Although it was a toss up between this and Ekstase Horrortrip Der Satans Sekt. Mondo won and guess who took part in this one? Mattei! But not alone...He teamed up with D'amato to create this sleazy and rare film featuring once again, bestiality of numerous types including a woman gettin' it on with a.....gorilla. But definitely not a real one! Let's not forget to mention all the other goodies like strip shows, castrations and she males! Shouldn't be missed!


Flesh for Frankenstein

"You don't know life, Otto, until you've fucked death in the gall bladder" says Ze Baron. Just another Frankenstein rip off....only on the erotic side..with necrophilia, incest, Udo Kier and Joe Dallesandro included! But when Baron mistakes the wrong guy for the sex maniac he's looking for his experiment goes wrong...Too top off ZE BARONS madness there is a bit of gore. Did I say a bit? Well, just a few limbs here and there!


La bête

Wow, the words have escaped my lips here...Well the film is pretty uninteresting for me to follow for the first 45 minutes or so. But that's not important, what's important is that during the last bit of the film your mouth will be open in awe whilst a lovely young woman gives herself to a beastly creature in the woods that cums more in 20 minutes than Ron Jeremy has cum in his whole film career! So much so that it eventually dies from sexual exhaustion....They say there is a much higher meaning to this film but for me all that goes out the window as soon as you see the creature rubbing it's huge phallus on a tree while cumming enough to higher the sea level! Is this still considered bestiality?


The Sinful Dwarf

A very perverted little film about a midget who kidnaps young girls, stores them away in a hidden room, injects them with drugs and sells them to whoever is willing to pay for sex! Men get to come into the dumpy room and have their way with any of the 3 girls or maybe all of them! A lot of nudity and sex along with a creepy little dwarf and even some hardcore!


Giallo A Venezia

Technically not a giallo since we see the killers face from the beginning (with over-sized sunglasses that reflect all his dirty deeds!), this film makes me worship Mario Landi and I wish there were more sleazy gialli or even slashers like it. Although its content is not nearly as bad as you might read, it is super sleazy and the murder scenes are pretty insane with a few brutal genital stabbings and a close up leg sawing! It's also combined with a guy who likes to whore out his unwilling girlfriend’s body to various pervs and prefers to be watched by (graphically!) masturbating strangers while he makes out and has sex with her. How much I wish this film had a proper DVD release....


Island of Death

Mastorakis has really done it with this addition. At one point I thought I had seen it all but this film really added something fresh to my collection, complete with bestiality, golden showers and old women, rape and insane dialogue (to name only a few !) all delivered in the style of black comedy. If it was possible to take this film seriously it would probably go down as one of the most depraved entries in cinema history.


Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS

One of the starting points for nazisploitation, this better made cult film really does have it all in regards to the genre. Nudity, sex, violence, humiliation and nasty experiments conducted by the sadistic nymphomaniac, Ilsa. Yes, our villain is a woman and the perfect woman to look to for the proper treatment of unsatisfying sex partners!



Jorg Buttgereit, you nasty man you. This one is about a couple who enjoy a bit of necrophilia together in all it's shocking glory and includes a really disgusting, slimy corpse that they like to stick a fake penis on and fuck while licking what's left of its eyeballs and what not... to top off the nasties one of our leading roles decides to stab himself to death in order to make himself cum.....blood....everywhere....I see no purpose to this film but it sure gets the job done! Also added for some unrelated shock value is some real and fake animal killing.



A slightly more well-known film, this actually has loads for sleazy film connoisseurs even though I am not sure it was intended to turn out that way. Hardcore sex, orgies, incest, sadism, castrations and various other types of torture fill the screen in this "no holds barred" feature. What makes it even more interesting is it is mostly a true story!



Although this is considered more of a porn, which I mostly wanted to avoid putting in the list, I had to add just a few special ones. Hardgore states and shows that getting fucked while being beheaded will give "the best orgasm you'll ever have", uh if you say so! But I remember that this film put the eternal question in my head, if you were perfectly ready to orgasm and then had your head cut off would it still happen? Yea, my friends thought I was insane after that. There are also efficient numbers of possessed vibrators and dildos here. How can you really go wrong?


Water Power

Also considered porn, this is still a really weird and disgusting 70's film based on a real person with an obscure fascination! Our stalker feels the deep need to rape and then deliver enemas to naughty girls to clean them out! I am pretty sure the only one here deserving of this cleaning is our enema bandit as he is the dirtiest one in the film! You will certainly feel different after you watch this.